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Vertically Integrated Manufacturer of Decorative Fabrics
Canadian Textile Mill
Window Covering Fabric Machine
Curtain Style Materials
Textile Manufacturing Equipment

Designing, warping, weaving. All done right here in-house.


Fashionable Window Fabric Producer
Drapery Fashion Textiles
Yarn for Window Textiles

Formulate, test, produce.
Piece-dyers and package-dyers.


Blind Design Materials
Window Dressing Material Maker
Fabric Production Machine

Coating, stabilizing, laminating and slitting.
Broad range of finishing capabilities.


Our story

MW Canada is a vertically integrated textile manufacturer specializing in designer fabrics for a variety of end uses. Founded in 1963, we have over 60 years of experience manufacturing textiles. While our origins are in apparel, upholstery, and blanket fabrics, today we primarily serve the window covering and healthcare industries. We continue to uphold our founding principles of innovation and adaptation.

Engineered Excellence

MW Canada, at the forefront of material engineering, works closely with clients through vertical integration, offering customized solutions across a diverse range of applications, including weaving, knitting, dyeing, coating, and lamination technologies.

Legacy of Innovation

Founded in 1963 by the Berger family, MW Canada, led by the dynamic third-generation leader Bob Berger, upholds a legacy of innovation. Bob, a Philadelphia School of Textiles graduate, actively explores processes and equipment for delivering new and groundbreaking products.

Global Dedication

Our dedicated employees at MW Canada bring their experience to the task of consistently producing innovative materials that ship worldwide. We are committed to providing organizations with high-quality products efficiently.

Exclusive Partnerships

Please note that MW Canada caters exclusively to manufacturers and wholesalers. Our focus is on establishing strong partnerships, ensuring the provision of quality products that meet the unique needs of our clients.

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