Rooftop Solar System

In 2011 we installed a rooftop solar system that generates up to 250,000 watts. The roof generates 1/3 of the electricity we need in a day. This reduces our carbon footprint by 1 tonne of carbon dioxide daily.​

Solar Heat Recovery System


In an effort to conserve energy, our most recent project involves the construction of a Solar Heat Recovery System. Perforated aluminum is installed on an exterior wall along with ventilation fans. In the winter, air is drawn in through the holes and warmed by the solar panels and vented into the building. In addition, it prevents the loss of heat through the walls. In the summer months, the warm air that is drawn into the system is vented out, keeping the interior of the building cooler. We expect to see a 20% annual savings in heating costs as a direct result of this project.

Lighting Replacement Program


We have updated our plant and office lighting systems. The new fixtures and bulbs use 60% less energy, but have increased our light levels by 40%.

Recycling Program


At the start of 2008 we expanded our Waste Management Program. Through our recycling efforts, we have reduced what we send to landfill by 90%. Other benefits of a good waste management program are: conserving natural resources and energy, reducing air and water pollution, and providing various industries with raw materials for remanufacture.

Water Recovery and Softening


Our dyehouse process water is now recycled for use as cooling water, reducing water consumption by 50%. We modernized our water softening system to minimize our use of salt. This initiative reduced our annual salt consumption by 75%.